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We complain ...


We complain ... for our clients!

The Tax Office is not always right.

It is worthwhile to fight out the fiscal problems. Straight in view of the complexity of the tax law good (special -) knowledge and good argumentations are necessary, if the tax consultant will obtain a favourable success.

  • We successfully implemented a judgement for a client at the Federal Finance Court (BFH) after a non-admission complaint against the tax office, although the Revenue Court of Lower Saxony in Hanover had already rejected the complaint (FG Lower Saxony 7 K 11311/99) and not even permitted the revision of the BFH (BFH judgement of 12.10.2005 - X R 42/03, published in BFH/NV, 2006 pg 715 Nr. 4).

    It concerned the acknowledgment of substantial losses when giving up business due to a forced sale - a case out of the year 1985.
  • Completely up-to-date we have a further fundamental legal question because of the investment premium for carrier films and pressure plates, which printing offices have pretension to, as to a rejecting judgement of the Revenue Court of the country Saxonia-Anhalt in Dessau with the BFH pending (file references: BFH III R 14/07)